Innovative partner for
architectural solutions
We are a systems solution provider. Since the market is constantly evolving, Euro Systems® strives to bring innovative solutions that meet with our customer’s specifications. VISIT WEBSITE
Minimal System for
maximum view
Gracili minimal systems® specially designed to elevate the design of your space. It is a unique sliding door and window system designed for large openings which results in maximum views. VISIT WEBSITE
Shapes the emotion
of sound
Create tailor-made solutions to help designers and architects express their creativity to the fullest. We perform environmental acoustic simulations and provide design support. VISIT WEBSITE

Elevating Architecture: Innovation, Quality, Sustainability.




About us

we are solving the problems our customer face, with a devotion to find the best solution.

With a large range of products and services to choose from, the group caters and is involved in various different scales of projects across the region. Euro Systems Group specializes in a large range of products and services, including; Interior, Exterior, Passive Fire Protection along with Aluminum and Glazing. We consistently deliver the best available solutions and products available in the market.



Euro Systems, we help you to enhance your standard of living through our innovative products and excellent services without compromising on the quality.


Designed to elevate the design of your space. It is a unique sliding door and window system designed for large openings which results in maximum views.


Europhon acoustics offered services to industry which consist of a unique combination of highly effective sound absorption with flexibility in design.


Group Business Development Manager
Abrar Khazi can be referred to as the consummate professional, having experience in Marketing & Business development, within the field of Construction. He acclaimed two impressive bachelor’s degrees in marketing & business management from credited universities in the United Kingdom, he also went onto achieve a master’s in international business management.

In his current position as the Group Business Development Manager for Euro Systems he is overseeing the entire group business development strategy, along with the unit in Qatar. His role has enabled Abrar to exhibit experience garnered from working with all corporate levels, producing critical and high-level development coordination and workable solutions required for efficient management of various architectural projects through the GCC. He is attracted to the provision of a unique business environment, ensuring that each development meets or exceeds the financial goals of the project.

He is highly proficient in projects bids and negotiation, construction supervision of commercial projects, hotels, high end residential, health care, and educational sectors.

Abrar is a calculated risk-taker with deep knowledge in providing analytical support for investment and strategic business decisions in the manufacturing and development arena. In his role, he has successfully multi-tasked large-scale projects, and played pivotal roles in the identification, feasibility analysis and negotiation of the projects Euro Systems has completed. He manifested and overhauled the complete brand identity and strategy for Euro Systems Group, having launched the “Gracili Minimal Systems” brand which has been Euro Systems exclusive product, in the UAE, Qatar and KSA markets.

Abrar not only excelled in his role, but has an excellent reputation garnered from his time spent as a professional cricketer, playing at a high rep level in the UAE and in England, enabling Abrar to acquire important skills sets such as social intelligence and people skills. He is a charismatic, result-oriented leader with commitment towards building a conducive work environment and maximising opportunities for company growth.


Managing Director
Mohamed Fiaz Khazi is the Founder, and the Managing Director of Euro Systems. For more than 20 years he has been an entrepreneur, and manufacturing leader, usually all at once. The early life of an individual plays a significant role in shaping their personality and future.

Mohamed Fiaz received a bachelor’s degree in commerce and went onto complete his MBA. His education provided him with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the business world. He learned about marketing, finance, operations, and strategy, which helped him make informed decisions and navigate the complex business world. Mohamed Fiaz rapidly rose to the role of General Manager before starting his own business. His work experience helped him develop a broad perspective and an understanding of different industries and markets.

In the capacity of managing director, Mohamed Fiaz is responsible for the group’s global sales, operations, and strategy, including implementing effective growth strategies and navigating through evolving landscapes in all operating current markets in UAE, Qatar and KSA. 

He has since spent more than 15 years expanding the Euro Systems Group under his leadership, managing more than 600 employees. His visions are to deliver on “Today”, keeping the workforce feeling part of a shared enterprise, championing transformation, and innovation.

Mohamed Fiaz ethos is simple and definitive when it comes to leadership, to perform at their best in an ever-changing world, employees need the best from their leaders, the best leaders use themselves as instruments to inspire and motivate their employees and shape the organisational culture.


Group General Manager Architectural Products
With an impressive career spanning 40 years in the field of Mechanical Engineering, managing, and executing design, development, and quality assurance tasks within a manufacturing setting, Raymond DMello Group General Manager of Euro Systems has skilled at collaborating with cross-functional teams to develop innovative solutions to problems. Known for his outstanding problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and proactive attitude, Raymond possesses a go-getter mindset and thrives in fast-paced environments.

Raymond became a member of the PMI, when he graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in California, USA. He started his career as a Junior Design Engineer in September of 1983, with a leading Aluminium Glazing company in Saudi Arabia, and within 6 months, Raymond was successfully promoted as Project Engineer, where he was involved in estimation, fabrication, and execution of design for projects valuing over USD 5 Million.

In 1990 Raymond accelerated within his professional career to Technical & Project Manager, where he managed a project in Morocco worth over USD 20 Million for high end products, such as bullet proof glazing. Raymond has excelled in managing technical projects, his ability in managing teams, growing his personal qualities such as patience, resilience, accountability, and confidence is notable in his leadership skills. It is with these skill sets that enabled Raymond to successfully administer his current position as Euro Systems Group General Manager.

Raymond believes focusing on the six key tasks that constitute the foundations of shaping the work environment is setting strategy, allocating resources, developing managers, building the organisation, overseeing operations, and crafting a strategic vision. The entirety of responsibility is to ensure business opportunities, maximising profits and managing key resources effectively is paramount.


Lead Product Designer
Asrar Fayaz Khazi is a motivated Architect showing progressive experience in the Building & Construction field. Possessing strong technical and design skills, as well as a passion for creating innovative and sustainable solutions. Asrar graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the American University, in Dubai.

Since graduating, Asrar worked within a variety of architectural practices and directly with clients on private residential projects, the experiences gained have led Asrar to believe in the importance of visual perception, on how people experience and perceive the built environment through their visual senses. Developing positive working relationships with clients to achieve high quality projects that meet the goals of the brief.

Upon joining Euro Systems as a full time Lead Product Designer, Asrar has had a hand in designing architectural concepts for high residential and commercial projects, he also is unit head for the Saudi division overseeing the entire projects for the KSA market. His designs emphasize maximum utilisation of space, and aesthetic appeal, implementing Euro Systems’ newest and most innovative materials. Designing has always been a passion for Asrar, even before he realised it was a potential career path. An independent thinker with a cognitive ability to produce both original and functional ideas and products.