Group Managing Director

Our dynamic leader, Mohamed Fiaz Khazi is Euro System’s managing director with a background in finance and a Master’s degree in management. Mr.Fiaz has gained extensive experience by working as a general manager for 15 years and ultimately becoming an entrepreneur when he established Euro Systems in 2007. He has since spent more than 9 years expanding the Euro Systems Group under his leadership and has managed more than 500 employees under several Euro Systems branches. Today, Mr. Fiaz has 29 years of experience in the GCC region in business areas concerned with sun protection, interior finishes, architectural and fire protection products. Mr. Mohamed Fiaz also has a passion for understanding the requirements of architects as he has closely worked internationally with the world’s most experienced architects and consultants for the completion of numerous projects in the region. Mr. Mohamed Fiaz is also responsible for creating new innovative creations of internal solar shading solutions. He, along with his team have delivered numerous projects in UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.